Baby, It's Cold Outside

    It’s not easy to stay in touch these days. The nation is increasingly yucky outside. From the environment to the social climate. Things were heated for a while but now it’s getting frigid for marginalized folx.
   Some of us naturally clamp down and tighten our circle to try to retain energy but in doing so keep moving further into numbness. We are all feeling the same icy vibes and flashing the same blank, stony looks.      

   Thus, you must break through. Resist your natural inclination to insulate, isolate, cook and watch netflix alone, or mostly alone.

   Sometimes a cute greeting card is a perfect kindling to stoke the flames of friendship and familiarity. Sometimes it’s a place to deposit thoughts you never intend to send someone, but need to get out of your head. Sometimes it’s a reminder, or art, or proof that something as simple as a message on paper, can make you feel something again.


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