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Best Design of 2018

Best Design of 2018

It goes beyond wishing people could have the fun of many sexual encounters. I wish they could do it without stigma & targeted harassment. It's about family rights, labor rights, women's rights, and bodily autonomy. It's about keeping courtroom judges and lying politicians out of our bedrooms, out of our sexual, financial and relationship decisions. It's about standing up to fight like hell while we still can to reduce harm, and prevent murders of the vulnerable, and enable victims of violence to get the help. If we don't empower sex workers to be treated as full fledged members of society, they can't help us target and arrest perpetrators of child abuse and human trafficking. If we don't enable sex workers the same rights to report a crime as everyone else, women and children will continue to be trapped in situations of forced sexual & domestic labor.

"Prostitutes", a shitty word for these under-appreciated providers. They tend to prefer the term "sex workers" and they choose to offer sexual services, or find it the most helpful and least time consuming option. Many sex workers are moms and/or have have families and children that depend on them.

Violent individuals, often and usually male, hurt sex workers and their communities. Police officers harass, assault and terrorize sex workers and their communities and keep them unable to return to a normal life. Politicians signing off on punitive policies they don't understand the impact of (I'm lookin' at you Bernie Sanders) hurt sex workers and their surrounding communities. 

I make art. I believe that being present and attentive during conversations about policies and issues which will impact the fates of sex workers is very important. I believe that until scheduling a Crossfit class is as normal as scheduling a hand job, we're all a bunch of suckers for this bullshit government who keep their citizens running around like frightened animals who don't even own themselves.